SC 408 AGEE – ‘COVID visa’-Critical Sector

SC 408 AGEE – ‘COVID visa’

There has been no decision at this stage to stop accepting new applications or ceasing to grant the SC 408 ‘COVID visa’.

A criterion for the grant of this visa is that applicants seek to remain in Australia to work in a critical sector. Visas are generally granted for a 12-month period.

Visa holders granted for 12 months to work in a critical sector should continue to work in a critical sector to comply with their visa conditions or make arrangements to depart Australia.

Critical sector visa holders are permitted to:

  • Change employment as long as they stay employed in a critical sector
  • Work for more than one employer in one or more critical sectors
  • Work for more than one employer, as long as their primary employment is in a critical sector

Source :Migration Institute of Australia

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