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A Registered Migration Agent can help you!!

Coral Coast Migration Service is located in Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. We specialise in Employer Sponsored, General Skilled, Student, Partner and Family Visas.

The key to making a successful application for migrating to Australia is to make sure that you will satisfy all the requirements for the visa class you are applying for. It is also vitally important that all documentation you include to support your application is complete and acceptable to the Department of Immigration.

A Registered Migration Agent will make sure that your application is well presented, professionally prepared and meets all requirements. The agent will assist with the completion of all necessary forms, collating of documents, preparation of submissions and the lodgement of your application. He will monitor the progress of your application and provide ongoing advice and liaise with the Department of Immigration on your behalf.

As a migrant to Australia myself, I am aware of the stress, frustration and anxiety that can be involved in the migration process. I will make it my mission to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Migration agents do not just fill in the paperwork

We bring to the case experience and skills in dealing with similar cases; skills developed alongside our knowledge of the substantive law; understanding of the relevant legislation and how a case can turn on a small detail; we are problem solvers and problem preventers. We know how to get to the desired outcome. We think analytically within the migration law context and apply logic to the specific case, we distinguish between fact, inferences, presumptions, and assumptions. We watch out for biases, prejudice, and fallacies. We know what case law underscores the specific matter, and what to watch out for that can turn a straight forward case into a complex one.

In short, we know the law, how to find the relevant legislation, how to interpret it and how it applies to the specific case. We know the legal processes, what must accompany the application for it to be a valid application, and how the criteria are satisfied.


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Australian Registered Migration Agent

Migration procedures are complex and rules and regulations change all the time.

  • Need advice or information about Australian visas and immigration?
  • Thinking of migrating to Australia?
  • Do you want to study in Australia?
  • Do you want to sponsor an overseas employee?
  • Are you on a student or working holiday visa and are you looking for a way to stay in Australia permanently?
  • Do you want to sponsor your partner or another family member?
  • Do you need assistance with an appeal to the AAT or Ministerial Intervention?


All Australian Registered Migration Agents must have Immigration Law qualifications and must abide by a strict
Code of Conduct.

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For privacy reasons and client confidentiality , only initials are published here. You can find the full reviews on Google Reviews


My partner and I are very thankful and grateful that we chose Nick to assist us in applying for the partner visa (sc 820). Nick was such a delight to work with and went above and beyond to ensure that this was a stress-free journey for us. My 820 was granted in less than 2months! We recommend anyone who wanted to apply partner visa to ask Nick for assistance. We will definitely be using his service again to apply for 801


I am really excited and happy. Thank you so much for all your help with our de facto visa!!! You made us stress free and took away our worries, also you helped us explain each stage of the partner visa process. You are very professional and at the same time easy to Communicate.Thank you for being patient with us and our many many questions and your prompt replies. We appreciate all you have done and would certainly recommend you to everyone we know.


Responsive and helpful for inquiries


I used CCMS for assistance with preparing and lodging a partner visa, and I am very glad I did. Nick is extremely knowledgeable in his craft, and he was responsive to my many questions, often replying to my emails the same day. He ensured I was kept up to date regarding my application’s progression, and I never had to ask “have you heard anything yet.” My application ended up being approved in just six months, well ahead of the standard processing times. I knew of CCMS for some time before I engaged their services, as I spent a few years on an immigration forum before I was ready to apply, researching the requirements and procedures involved with obtaining a visa. Nick volunteers a lot of his time and expertise on that forum helping folks with general questions and offering up relevant immigration news as it unfolds, and I found that admirable so when the time came, I reached out. At the start, he clearly laid out the costs involved and provided several files full of information. He also offers an online portal for uploading evidence and other documents, which was very simple and organized. At the end, his initial cost estimates proved to be spot-on, and there were no surprises or hidden fees. He clearly laid out the expectations and the game plan, and then delivered. I’ve been happy to refer folks his way, and will continue to do so. Thank you!


Dear Nick, Thank you so much for the excellent job done in providing us with the updates and finally the Student Visa Grant. Your Service is top rated as number 1. Once again, thank you. Kindest regards


Hi Nick, Followed all of your advice and the 309/100 grant came through this morning, two days after emailing the department to set out compelling circumstances. Thanks very much for your advice it has obviously worked a charm!


Words cannot express the personal, professional and value of the agent's dedication to each and every applied for visa. We used Coral Coast's services for two separate visas being a Student subclass 500 and a Permanent Residency visa. We have no hesitation in recommending Coral Coast Migration Service for any and all visa applications, going far above and beyond just applying for visas. Thank you Nick for all your efforts and personalisation for us.

C & X

Hi Nick, Many thanks for your assistance in getting L's student visa. You displayed a professional service and will highly recommend you to other people. For all my family's visa requirements or needs we will always engage your services. Regards


When other agencies told me I have to go offshore when my visa was refused Nick helped to sort it out without going offshore.


Hello Thank you very much for your service very very much. AF


Hi Nick, Thanks for the great news!! Thank you again for all you have done for us, we received top service from you and we are very grateful for that, and will gladly direct anyone to your services that we may know of in the future. Regards M & S


Hi Nick M and I are very happy. He said it was a such a perfect gift for his birthday. Thank you,Nick. Please stay safe. Kind regards Z & M

Z & M

Dear Nick, Thank you so much for the great news, and sorry for the delay in sending our heartfelt thanks for everything you’ve done in helping us get to this stage. We’ve been over the moon with the outcome (and very pleasantly surprised that approval came as quickly as it did!). So, once again, thank you for your services and assistance in making this entire process so much more manageable for us both. We will happily leave you a glowing review and recommend your services to any friends who might find themselves in the same boat in future. All the best to you, M & E

M & E

I wholeheartedly recommend CCMS and in particular migration agent Nick Van Voorst. He helped us waive the 2-year wait to get my Permanent Residency just a couple weeks after I was granted Temporary Residency, by advising on additional evidence on our long-term relationship at the time of application 18 months ago, as well as putting together a formal letter to request the PR grant and advising how to submit it all. He was super quick, dependable, thorough and also very pragmatic and straightforward managing our expectations, whilst being supportive and really invested in our request to succeed. Really glad we found him.


Hi Nick, Thanks for the great news!! Thank you again for all you have done for us, we received top service from you and we are very grateful for that, and will gladly direct anyone to your services that we may know of in the future. Regards M & S

M & S

Hi Nick, Before this day ends, I'd like to personally send this email to sincerely express our gratitude and thanks on behalf of M and S for all the work put into their application for the Australian Permanent Residency Visa. It has been a long and worthwhile wait with patience and great anticipation to finally receive their grant notices yesterday. It was indeed the best Father's Day gift I received yesterday. It's been a real pleasure working with you in getting this desirable outcome and this has really cemented my confidence in the quality service your offer and I hold no reservations to recommend your services to future potential applicants. Once again, thank you very much for all the help and support provided to make this happen. Sincerely, E.O.


I applied my visa from outside Australia. Nick's service helped me a lot in this process. Solve every problem right away and answered my questions quickly. At the end I got my residency in 10 months (progress time was 14-29 months on Applying and waiting for a residency visa can be so frustrating and nerve racking sometimes it was so good to be work someone professional and experienced like Nick.


Excellent service, fast and efficient. Would highly recommend CCMS.


My Fiancé (who is from Morocco) and I have been successful in being granted our Prospective Spouse VISA in 5 months. Choosing Nick as our representative was the best decision we made. We tried to navigate the process ourselves and WOW we were confused. The day we hired Nick, the process became clear, concise and organised. Nick answered all our questions promptly, guided us patiently, and helped us put together what must have been a rock solid application. Getting the correct certifications and papers in Morocco took a long time. Each department my Fiancé went to told him different things. Many the wrong things. But with Nick knowing exactly what is required, we knew what we needed and did not make any mistakes in our application. Thank you Nick for your 5 star service! Absolutely fantastic


Dear Nick, Thank you for the tremendous job done in assisting L’s Student Visa finally been Granted. I very much appreciate your timely services.


It still feels surreal to me whilst he felt overwhelmed with the news. Happy, surprised and relief were the emotions. Thank you, Nick.

Z & M

Hi Nick, Thank you for being such a huge help in this visa journey. The news of our visa grant still hasn’t sunk in. My family will be forever grateful to you. Kind regards K & A

K & A

Hi Nick Thank you so much for your help in getting my student visa approved, you have been very helpful for the past 3-4 months in helping get this done. Once again thank you so much and enjoy the rest of your day. Kind regards H.N.


Nick, Many thanks for your quick and generous advice. It looks like the specific email address you supplied has done the trick. It is a great relief to us that we’ll be able to spend the holidays together without delay. Let us know if we owe you anything for your time. And you will be my first recommendation for immigration agent to anyone. Cheers, M.C.


Hi Nick, You gave us advice on the visa application for my partner last May. I just wanted to thank you for your help again and tell you about the positive outcome of our application. We followed your advice step by step and submitted her visa application on the 17th of October. Just three days later the visa was granted. With your advice the application it turned out to be relatively uncomplicated.


Offshore partner visa from India granted in just 8 months: THANKS NICK !!!!! That is best news I have heard in a long time !!!!! Y.D.


Onshore partner visa granted in just over 8 months: Nick, Thank you so much for all your help. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without you! Incredibly happy with the level of attentiveness you’ve put into our application. Thanks again!


A Prospective Marriage Visa granted in 6 weeks: Provided a very thorough and personalised service to get our visa prepared within a short timeframe. Nick is dedicated to his work and went above and beyond with his time to ensure we had everything required for our visa and all our queries were answered. Well worth the investment as he makes the process simple and will work through the complexities of the visa process for you. 5/5 & would recommend to anyone.


Great service supplied by Nick, he assisted with partner visa for my wife from the Philippines, he's always there to ask any questions with prompt responses on email, can highly recommend.


Very pleased with the responses on our queries and overall a great agent. Highly recommended for complex cases.


I would like to thank Mr Nick van Voorst for his assistance in making me understand a dilemma I had with Bridging visas and Student visas. Thank you so much for being so prompt Mr van Voorst. I truly appreciate your time and help. Wish you all the best,


A student visa granted: Hi Nick. Thank you very much. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you again. Regards


Prospective Marriage Visa Granted: Thank you very much for all your help and good advice. I appreciate your dedication and professionalism. If the opportunity arises I will certainly recommend your services. All the best


A difficult RRV which required a waiver of residency requirements: Hi Nick, I just wanted to let you know that I emailed the Dept of Home Affairs yesterday, and today my mother's visa was granted! No doubt many of your suggestions helped make their assessment much easier so thanks again. S.J.


Another partner visa: Hi Nick, just wanted to drop you a line. I received my visa today, and your help was invaluable. Just about 4 months time, and the timing couldn't be better as I already had flights booked to Australia for tomorrow. Thank you so much! S.A.


Another good result: Hi Nick, Thank you so much for the great news! It’s been quite a process getting our visas which started back in 2009, but all the waiting has come to an end. Thanks for the great support and if anyone needs a great agent, I know who to refer them to. D and M

D & M

A prospective marriage Visa from the UK: granted in 6 weeks ! "Good morning, Thank you! I can’t believe it’s only been around 6 weeks since application?! I’m happy a that it was so quick compared to my other visa. Thanks for all your help along the way, I’ll write a review for you over the weekend, Kind regards, J.A:


Another onshore partner visa granted, this one in a bit over 9 months ! "Hi Nick, Thank you very much for all you have done, very much appreciated, can't believe it has happened so quick! Will definitely be writing a good review for you. Thanks again. M and S"

M & S

Thank you, that is amazing news and an even better outcome than expected! Thank you very much , you have been an amazing help.


Thanks Nick! We received the granted RRV promptly this morning. All good. Thanks so much for your help. B.M.


Hello Nick, Just letting you know my fiancé and I were granted our PMV last week I want to thank you for your advice and understanding, it helped a lot during the difficult wait. Thanks again and take care, S.


Another partner visa granted: "Fantastic news Nick and a great Christmas present for N. and A. We appreciate the strong support that you have always provided through the process. Many Thanks and Happy Christmas. N, R & A D. "


A happy sc. 489 applicant: Hi Nick, just want to thank you for all your help. Very glad the visa has been accepted. It's a good day. Thanks again. B.C


Another happy client. Sc. 187 RSMS granted! Good evening Nick. A BIG THANK YOU!! My wife and I greatly appreciate the help you have rendered to us and your simplified guidance of the whole visa process. I will not hesitate to recommend others who wish to obtain any form of visa. Further, I will continue to seek your advise and expertise to bring family member/s here either as visitors/ for education. Once again thank you very much. Kind regards L.M.


Another happy couple whose Prospective Marriage Visa has just been granted: "WOW!!!! This is soooooooo amazing news!! Thankyou sooo much!.. we can’t believe it.. it almost feels unreal.. "

C & C

Good morning Nick, I just wanted to let you know that we finally applied this last Thursday! Thank you very much for your help, it's extremely appreciated and allowed me to not go crazy. I am now confident that everything will be ok. Anyway, it was simply to say a final thank you for your help. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone.


Just to inform you T and J got their citizenship application approved; they got the letters through the mail today.


Thank you very much for all the advice and help you have given us. We are both extremely greatful. I would most certainly recommend your services to anyone who needs them.


We received our visa grant letters today. What a relief! We thank you so much for your great help all the way through this challenging process. Your good reputation has been confirmed in your accuracy and prompt answering of emails and phone calls, not to speak of your organised thinking and precision. It was great to know that you were there in times of insecurity and doubt. We can't imagine having done this without your help. We will certainly recommend your services to others.

F,Y & LF

Thank you very much Nick for all your assistance in getting S's visa through. It is very much appreciated.

Mrs. A.

Hi Nick, Thank you very much for all of the effort you have put into this. This was emotionally charged from our end and you helped take that out. We were expecting this to take at least 12 months but thanks to you this has happened in 4-5 months. Feel free to put me forward as a reference to any prospective clients that come your way. I will be spreading the word around too.


Thank you so much!!! I'm so happy!!!!! It was so fast! Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it!!!


Please see visa grant attached, thanks very much for your support, I didn't expect them to come back so soon either.


Hi Nick I, appreciate your service and taking care of my application. I did receive the visa grant! I was happy and I took me time to grasp the new status. It’s awesome to know that I can stay in Au.


WOW. What a great start to the morning. Many thanks for help throughout the process.


Thank you Nick for the explanation. I will pass on all this information to S. Once again, I thank you for your professionalism and your exceptional service. You have a wealth of knowledge in this area and that was evident in all our correspondence.


Oh my God! This is such a wonderful suprise. Thank you for going an extra mile and asking DIBP to grant our visa. Thank you so much Nick for all your help, we will be in touch with you.

K & A

Dear Nick, A. and I would like to thank you for all the work and effort that you had put into our application. We are beyond happy and no words could ever express how grateful we are. We can now finally be together. Thank you once again and God bless you.


Hello Nick, Thanks again, I will be looking for your help in the future. I will, with delight, recommend you and your service to anyone I come across that needs this type of help. Cheers, and with the greatest of respect thanks…


Thank you. Now I am happy. Thank you for all your help, huge stress is now gone.


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