Queensland International Student Crisis Assistance Grants

The portal to apply for the Queensland International Student Crisis Assistance Grant is now open. Students should only apply if you meet the eligibility criteria listed on the Study Queensland website. Eligible students can apply through the Queensland Government’s Community Recovery Portal via this link: https://www.communityrecovery.qld.gov.au/

Updates to Australia’s immigration and border arrangements during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

For all the latest, go here: https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au

Important message for people on temporary visas

Emergency relief and casework support. 15 April 2020 You may have heard that Red Cross is receiving funding from the Australian Government for the next six months to deliver emergency relief and casework support for people who are on temporary visas. We have welcomed this news. Red Cross has not yet received these funds. It may be one or two weeks before we do. Here is some important information to read before you contact us. What are the funds for? Who is eligible? What should I do? I need help now What are the funds for? These are emergency relief …read more

Latest on travel restrictions and visa holders

https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/travel-restrictions https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/covid19-enquiry-form

Financial support for temporary visa holders

The Australian government is looking at getting financial assistance for visa holders who are currently in Australia. A proposal for an assistance package will be going to National Cabinet next week. Visa Holder’s won’t be included into the Job Keeper Package as that will require a completely different set of legislative changes. Therefore a separate package is being considered in conjunction with Home Affairs. Once we have details we will share it here.

Department of Education COVID-19 FAQ for parents

Frequently asked questions for parents

Cairns Coronavirus Hotline


WHAT IS THE ASSISTED RETURNS PROGRAM? The Assisted Returns Program provides non-citizens with an option to voluntarily depart Australia. We listen to your needs, respect your choices, and give you options to return home. If you are deemed eligible, expenses related to your approved travel arrangements will be covered under the Assisted Returns Program. Your assigned Case Worker will also help you obtain travel documents and organise your travel bookings. This service is offered on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.   Assisted Returns



Special welfare payments and visa extensions to non-residents stranded in Australia

From the Australian Newspaper: Special welfare payments and visa extensions will be offered to non-residents stranded in Australiawho lose their jobs and are unable to return home. The Australian understands the Morrison government is working on a plan that includes a form of support payment for temporary migrants who stand to lose their jobs in industries such as tourism and hospitality that face being decimated by the shutdown. While Australian workers will come first, the government will seek to place highly skilled temporary migrants — without a method to return to their country of citizenship — into high-­demand areas, including …read more

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