Sc. 186 and 1875: changes to sponsorship requirements

Genuine need & must work as paid employee under nominator’s direct control

From 1 July 2017, all ENS and RSMS Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream and DE stream nominations must provide evidence of ‘Genuine need’ for the person to work in the nominated position. The nominee is required to work under the direct control of the nominator as a paid employee

Training requirements for Subclass 186 ENS Direct Entry

A new legislative instrument Migration (IMMI 17/045: Specification of Training Benchmarks and Training Requirements) Instrument 2017 specifies:

– for Training Benchmark A the types of training funds which may be used and stipulates that funds that offer commissions or refunds for failed immigration applications do not meet the requirements; and

– for Training Benchmark B that the payments for scholarships for non-employees is not acceptable expenditure; and providing that a trainer’s salary is acceptable expenditure only when the person is engaged solely as a trainer and clarifying what type of on-the-job training is acceptable expenditure.

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