Migration Institute of Australia – Message of condolence and support to the New Zealand Community

Migration Institute of Australia – Message of condolence and support to the New Zealand Community

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) abhors the act of senseless violence committed in Christchurch against members of the Muslim faith at their places of worship.

The MIA offers this open expression of condolences to the families and friends of the many victims, as well as the community of Christchurch and the first responders and staff within the health system who have all had to deal with the aftermath from this unfortunate and tragic event.

Immigration is the foundation of Australian and New Zealand societies and has provided positive social and economic benefits to our respective communities and countries.

The MIA recognises the significant and positive contribution that immigration has brought to our communities through the migrant pathways of those from the Muslim faith from all over the world.

The MIA also finds disturbing the recent comments and stance taken by a sitting independent senator suggesting the Islamic community is somehow responsible for the Christchurch mosque massacre.

To somehow rationalise unfounded comments by a leading political figure in the face of a clear terrorist attack, on a community of peaceful people engaging in their religious practices, is simply impossible.

The MIA supports the open denouncement of Senator Anning’s statement by our otherelected politicians.

As the peak professional body representing registered migration agents, the MIA will always strive to ensure the benefits of immigration are properly balanced and advocated objectively.

Kia kaha – Stay strong New Zealand, we stand with you.

John Hourigan FMIA

National President
Migration Institute of Australia

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