Education QLD International Travel Advice

As travel restrictions imposed by the federal government and by the governments of other countries are dynamic and unpredictable due to the nature of the spread of COVID 19, our strong recommendation is that students do not travel until further notice.

Our strong recommendation is given on the basis that:

•Outbound travel restrictions of countries and inbound travel restrictions into Australia may change at any time resulting in students not being able to return to school

•Schools may not be able to support students through online learning if families have made a decision to travel following our advice

•Schools cannot guarantee that they will be able to support students by providing self- isolation facilities based on the updated Queensland Health advice through their homestay networks self-quarantine advice Queensland Health

•Schools may not be able to provide homestay options for students who have travelled to affected areas

If there are exceptional compassionate or compelling circumstances for a student to travel, this will need to be approved at the principal’s discretion.

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