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Working Holiday-Tourist

Tourist Visas

Tourist visas are generally fairly straight forward, but there may be situations where you might require expert advice:

  • refusals because of not meeting the 'genuine visitor" requirement
  • partners of Australians who want to visit Australia prior to obtaining a spouse or prospective marriage visa
  • condition 8503 "No Further Stay" issues
  • extensions
  • sponsored visitor visas

Working Holiday Visas are usually also fairly straight forwward, but there may be situations where you require expert advice.

Working Holiday Visas

  • applying for a Second Working Holiday visa
  • applying for permanent residency as the holder of a Working Holiday Visa
  • applying for extension of work rights 

 ► Please contact us for an overview of current requirements and for any assitance in regArds to touris, sponsored visa or working holiday visas.