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On most occasions client's full names are not disclosed for privacy reasons.










Absolutely fabulous Nick – a Student Visa for a PNG student in one week!  Congratulations.



Dear Nick 

Just to inform you T and J got their citizenship application approved they got the 

letters through the mail today. 

Thank you. Kind regards, T.T.



Hello Nick,

I don't know if it is new online system, or some change in government policy, , or your expertise,, but this is certainly welcome news.

Thank you for all your help.




Hi Nick .

Thanks for the good news. Would like to Inform only me and my two kids be attending the ceremony. 

Regards. A.P. 




Hi Nick,WOW ,What a great start to the morning.

Many thanks for fhelp throughout the process




Thank you so much sir, I very much appreciate for your time processing my visa. IMMI Grant Notification copied.

I look forward to meet you soon.Yours sincerely,W.A.




Hi thats great, now I can sleep really calm.Many many thanks Nick

Wish you a nice day,N.J.



Thank you very Nick for all your assistance in getting S's visa through. 
It is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Mrs. A.



Thank you. now I am happy. Thank you for all your help, huge stress is now gone.




Hi Nick, Happy New Year!

Thank you for the great news.

Best Regards,C.L.



Thank you so much!!! 
I'm so happy!!!!!
It was so fast!
Thank you so much for your help 
I really appreciate it!!!



Good morning Nick,I just wanted to let you know that we finally applied this last Thursday! Thank you very much for your help, it's extremely appreciated and allowed me to not go crazy. I am now confident that everything will be ok. Anyway, it was simply to say a final thank you for your help. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone.A.H.




Hi Nick,

Thank you so much! We truly appreciate all your help throughout the process.

Kind regards and God bless.C.D.


Hello Nick,



Please see visa grant attached, thanks very much for your support, I didn't expect them to come back so soon either.

Kind Regards, C.B.



Hi Nick I, appreciate your service and taking care of my application. I did receive the visa grant! I was happy and I took me time to grasp the new status. 

It’s awesome to know that I can stay in Au.


Thank you Nick for the explanation. I will pass on all this information to S.


Once again, I thank you for your professionalism and your exceptional service. You have a wealth of knowledge in this area and that was evident in all our correspondence.










Thank you Nick for your prompt attention to Ss matter. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. 

If there is a website where I you'd like me to leave some feedback on, please email me the link and I will do so for you.



Have a great day.







Oh my God! This is such a wonderful suprise. Thank you for going an extra mile and asking DIBP to grant our visa. Thank you so much Nick for all your help,we will be in touch with you. 


K & A




Hi Nick,


Thank you very much for all the advice and help you have given us. We are both extremely greatful. I would most certainly recommend your services to anyone who needs them. 








Hi Nick,


I was so happy to have my visa I forgot to say thankyou. Thankyou for all your help.

I am travelling to XXX on Friday to see my daughter. 

Thanks once again for your services. 

Have a good day.







Dear Nick,

A. and i would like to thank you for all the work and effort that you had put into our application.we are beyond happy and no words could ever express how grateful we are.we can now finally be together .

thank you once again and God bless you.







Hi Nick

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done over the last two years! I can't believe it's all finally over! Wow! I couldn't have done it without your help and will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for visa help!

Thanks again




Thanks Nick for a job well done and a successful outcome. 

X. is so excited and happy especially because it was granted so quickly.



T and X


Good morning Nick,


Thank you so much for the great news!  My husband and I are truly grateful to you for your assistance and efforts in making this possible.


God bless you!


We will most certainly recommend you to all we know.


Once again, thank you!







Hello Nick,


Thanks again, I will be looking for your help in the future. I will, with delight, recommend you and your service to anyone I come across that needs this type of help.


Cheers, and with the greatest of respect thanks…G.E.



Hi Nick,

We received our visa grant letters today. What a relief!

We thank you so much for your great help all the way through this challenging process. Your good reputation has been confirmed in your accuracy and prompt answering of emails and phone calls, not to speak of your organised thinking and precision. It was great to know that you were there in times of insecurity and doubt.

We can't imagine having done this without your help. We will certainly recommend your services to others.



F,Y & LF 



Hi Nick

 I m really excited to heard this great news  which I cant explain in my words and this is just because of  your great efforts and supports and  I am really thankful to you. 




Dear Nick,

Please find attached a copy of D’s  citizenship certificate. Please accept our utmost gratitude for the service you have provided in making this possible. 

We have passed on your contact details to a few of our family friends who will be in touch with you regarding their migration queries soon.

Once again, thank you very much. 

Best Regards,

D & A




Hi Nick,
Thank you very much for all of the effort you have put into this.
This was emotionally charged from our end and you helped take that out.
We were expecting this to take at least 12 months but thanks to you this has happened in 4-5 months.
Feel free to put me forward as a reference to any prospective clients that come your way.
I will be spreading the word around too.


I, A.A, have written this recommendation letter in support of Coral Coast Migration Service and, more specifically Nick van Voorst, who has selflessly assisted us in our migration journey to Australia to a degree of rapid success. 

Four years ago, I met my future Australian husband, J.S.Our relationship spanned across to Canada, where the majority of my academic pursuit took place, and grew despite having to endure bouts of long-distance separation. However, we did not anticipate the overwhelming bureaucracy involved in something as simple as wanting to be with a loved one. 

After having hit a six-month mark of being unable to see J., I stumbled upon comments written by Nick van Voorst in an online immigration forum at 4am sitting at home by myself, desperate for help. J. was tied down by work in Australia, and up to that point we had been paying for expensive consultation services by another immigration lawyer ,who barely returned our calls and kept asking for more money. We were going nowhere and were given the vaguest knowledge of our actual options. What struck me about Nick's comments in that ungodly hour of the morning was his compassion and sincerity, two qualities that were sorely missing in our hotshot immigration lawyer. I immediately contacted him with our background information to which he quickly offered a free consultation that spanned several emails in which he answered every question and succinctly ascertained our options. 

Nick managed to not only secure us a Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa valid for TWO YEARS in a very short time…but also managed to provide me with a Prospective Marriage Visa after only ONE month of the lodgment date. This was an incredible turn around of events for us, as Nick not only strongly delivered on his promises but also went beyond our expectations.

J. and I were able to be together after only one month of initially contacting Nick. During this time and right up until we received the Visa grants, Nick had demonstrated an exceptional level of quality and compassion in his services that remained unfaltering throughout our relationship with him. He always replied to our emails in prompt fashion, with a generous offering of expertise and knowledge, going as far as volunteering countless after-work hours and many of his weekends in order to not waste any time in bringing us together. 

Sadly, empathy and compassion are largely overlooked in the migration businesses in Australia, when it should be the utmost quality nurtured between agents and clients. Nick treats his clients as the human beings they are, as opposed to mere business clientele, and this was the deciding factor in switching to his services in the first place. Thanks to him, J. and I are now happily married in Australia and are looking forward to a lifetime of being together. 


That's brilliant!!! Could not have done an inch of this without you, Nick. I was hopeless and desperate when I stumbled across your name at a visa forum around 4am a few months back. You've helped turn it all around for us! Please let us know if we could write any recommendations to future clients or show of support on your website, we would love nothing more than to do that! The big day is this Tuesday 30th, if we can we would like to kick things off with the Partner Visa soon as we can get it rolling. 

Cheers and big hugs,

A. & J.


Nick, that is FANTASTIC!!! This is such happy news, we were getting nervous. Thank you so much for letting us know despite it not being official, we can at last rest easy and relax. We can celebrate tonight and we'll be toasting to you along with ourselves. Will be waiting for the official email, and thanks for emailing the case officer about hurrying it along.


Hi Nick,

I spoke with you today about a longer stay for me in Australia. Firstly I want to thank you, you were the first person who could give me some worthwhile information. I'm interested in the visa which you mentioned.  Can I organise this through you?

Again I would like to thank you very much for providing me with some useful information

Kind Regards,



This is fantastic!!! We are so happy to be able to go to Australia now and be with the rest of the family.



Hey Nick,

My PR just came through!!!!  I cant believe how fast it was less than 2 weeks from my application!

Thanks so much.



Im am so happy I could SCREAM!!!!  Thanks so much Nick!!!  1 step closer!!



Thanks for answering our questions so thoroughly and thank you for your integrity and your willingness to prioritize our case, and for being upfront and honest with us regarding our visa applications.



Nick is my wife's migration agent and he did manage to get my wife a multiple entry tourist visa valid for a year.I had two visa refusals prior to contacting Nick.I would definitely recommend Nick for your partner's visas. Just make sure you follow each and every of his instructions and send him the required documents that he will need to prepare the applications.


Hi Nick

Some really good news. S has just received the decision letter via courier service for her tourist visa and it has been granted! A sigh of relief. After two refusals this has really been a good outcome and they did not put 8503 condition on it. . Thanks for all your hard work Nick. Much appreciated!



Thanks Nick for such great effort. You worked the weekend to get all this through. I really appreciate this. You have been awesome and very understanding throughout the whole process.




Hi Nick

Thanks for your help through the application process. Has been exceedingly easy with your help and very clear communication making it a (relatively) low stress series of events. Will definitely recommend you should I know anyone in need of the same service.

Thanks again

R + Z


Hi Nick!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for everything you have done for us.

Best regard.


Nick, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your professionalism and belief in us.

I hope we will be one of the many success stories of your company and of the services you provide.




Hi Nick,

I've just received the email saying that I have been granted the 457 as a de facto partner!!

Thanks so much for your good advice. 




Thank you so much what you do for people who are worlds apart.

You have made so many people happy not just A. and myself and you have made our dream a reality.

Thank you,




Hi Nick,

We have recomended your services to a couple of other couples as they have asked because of the success of G's Visa.





Thank you Nick!  Excellent news!!!

Ann M.



 I will surely work with you again for my future applications.

Thank you again for your great help and coordination

It is much appreciated.

Best Regards





Thank you for calling  this morning!!

Im very happy now and thanks so much helping with everything!!




Hi Nick,

Finally the application process is over!! 

Thank you so much for all your time, effort and patience with my application.

It has all been greatly appreciated, and I couldn't of done it without you!!!




Ministerial Intervention 6/6/2011

Ministerial Intervention


Employer Sponsered Visa 30/1/2011

RSMS Sponsorship




Thank you Nick!  Nice Job...It worked I am an Australian Citizen!

Rob W.


Dear Nick, 

Thank you so much for your kindest email and greatest help.

I am going to study it carefully and reply to you soon.

Thanks again for all you have done for me.

Best regards,

Edmund H.


Thank you thank you very much Nick.....I’m very happy.....




Hi Nick

Both the Nomination and the Visa were approved this morning - thank you so much for all your help! 

I'm delighted (as you can imagine!).  I was due to fly out next week so it’s all worked out perfectly!

Thanks once again,



28 Oct 2010

Hello Nick, just got my TRA reply yesterday - successful!

That took some putting together, so I'm pleased it was a pass.

Thanks for your help.


Adam M


Dear Mr Nick Van Voorst

Thank you so much Mr: Nick Van Voorst.

I'm very happy. I'm hoping to come soon for Australia.


 Mrs. Dilrukshi W.



Hi Nick

I just got my passport back (it only took them 2 days to process!!

Thanks for the good advice nick it worked out !




Dear Nick,

This is such great news! My hands are still shaking, but I have already finished screaming at the top of my lungs!

I would like to thank you Nick for your professional and efficient service.

We might have to consult your service again for future visa applications.